TAMIRO Catamaran Sailing Academy

Sailing catamarans simply offer more comfort than conventional mono-hull yachts. However, a sailing catamaran with a weight of 20 tons and a size of 14x8 meters is not that easy to maneuver and these abilities were not given to us at birth.

We from TAMIRO Academy show you the correct handling and handling of sailing catamarans in various courses.

In our courses we teach the theoretical basics of catamaran sailing. In the practical lessons, we will show you how to safely sail a catamaran, anchor or secure in harbors. A skipper who has the boat under control, is the basis for a stress-free holiday.

For aspiring skippers, who want to obtain the 'certificate of competency and master of sport abd pleasure yachts at sea' (Swiss B-permit), we offer mileage trips, where you can acquire the necessary basics on the 1000 nautical miles (Switzerland) with an experienced skipper.

Have we sparked your interest? Below you will find more information about our training courses.


In April and May 2021 we carry out two skipper trainings on S/C TAMIRO II. In a 3 day training we practice the important maneuvers on the open sea and in the harbor. The training takes place in Kos, which is located in the southeastern part of Greece. Kos can be reached by charter flights or a transfer service in Athens.

T he training is done by an experienced skipper who has been working as a skipper in Greece for several years. He speaks fluent German and English. On the first day we start at 09:00 with theoretical lessons. Then we sail to one of the nearby islands and train there the important and relevant maneuvers. The training ends on the last day at 12:00 noon in Kos, so you have enough time to start the return flight.

What/when/where ...
Course date
A: 10.04.2020 - 12.04.2020
B: 03.05.2020 - 05.05.2020
C: 06.05.2020 - 08.05.2020
Training location Kos, Greece
Price A: 1000 EUR
B: 850 EUR
C: 850 EUR
Included Training Material, Accomodation for 3 nights on the catamaran, bed and bath linen, fuel (diesel), marina fees, soft-drinks, coffee, tea, and beer, Breakfast & lunch
Additional Travel to Kos, Dinner & wine
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An experienced sailor does not fall from the sky and practical experience at sea can not only be read - you have to experience it. For this reason, various countries require practical proof of participation in an active maritime command. We at TAMIRO Catamaran offer you the opportunity to deepen your practical experience.

L earn to sail in the open sea with one of our experienced skippers on one of our catamarans. Usually we combine this training with a one-way trip, making the journey more interesting and the trip planning more challenging. As a rule, we sail between 150 and 250 miles per week, depending on the chosen route. The miles are signed-off by our skippers.

During our mileage you will learn the important basics of sailing in open sea under the practical guidance of an experienced skipper. Topics that we deal with during our courses include:

Below you will find an overview of the planned mileage trips. Please note that we require at least 3 people to complete the trips.
Boat Week Period
Description Price
TAMIRO II 10 21.03 - 28.03.2020
US Virgin Island to Domenican Republic
350 nm
A classic delivery trip. This sailing trip brings us with a lot of tail-wind from the US Virgin Islands to the 'Dom Rep'. We will sail once or twice through the night. Join us at the end of March 2020 from the US Virgin Islands (Airport Saint Thomas, STT) to the Dominican Republic. We sail from St. Thomas to Puerto Rico, past beautiful reefs, to Puerto Rico and from there to Puerto Plata in the northwest of the Dominican Republic. Boat : 4200 € / trip
Cabin : 1500 € / trip
Bed : 1000 € / trip
TAMIRO II 45 09.11 - 15.11.2019
Gibraltar to Tenderife, Canary Islands
800 nm
Atlantic Sailing with S / C TAMIRO II.We sail from Gibraltar to Teneriffa. Cabin : 1200 € / trip
Bed : 700 € / trip
TAMIRO II 47 22.11 - 30.11.2019
Tenderife, Canary Islands to Sao Vincente, Cabo Verde
800 nm
Atlantic Sailing with S / C TAMIRO II.We start in Tenerife and sail to Cape Verde Islands (Mindelo, Sao Vincente). Cabin : 1500 € / trip
Bed : 800 € / trip

Are you interested to participate on one of our milage-trips? Send us a message from our 'Charter Section / Reservation Inquiry'.