Our Partners

In order to guarantee an excellent experience for your holidays, we work together with selected partners. We are happy to introduce you to our partners below.

Logo Partner Location
Catamaran Bimini Rotkreuz, Switzerland
Catamaran Bimini is a sister company of TAMIRO Catamaran MCPY. Catamaran Bimini, in collaboration with TAMIRO Catamaran MCPY, has developed the product "Solar Bimini". developed on S / C TAMIRO and S / C TAMIRIO II.
CM YACHT SOLUTIONS is our Yacht-Management partner in Kos. The team around Christos Mylonas supports us in maintaining our yachts in Kos. CM YACHT SOLUTIONS carries out the check-in and check-out with our guests on behalf of us.
Degli Amici Kos, Greece
500 meters from the marina, Lendi and his team have an excellent trattoria. Pizza, pasta and prime beef fillet complete the menu.
Dobler+Ingold Lucerne, Switzerland
Dobler+Ingold is a Swiss company specializing in Marine Sport. Reto Walser and Manuel Ingold supplies accessories for our yachts, as well as supports us in the distribution of our yacht charter offers.
ISTION Yachting Athens, Greece
ISTION Yachting in Athens is our sales partner. Through ISTION Yachting, TAMIRO Catamaran gains access to worldwide booking platforms.
Lagoon Katamaran Nord GmbH Laboe, Germany
Lagoon Katamaran Nord GmbH is our dealer for our Lagoon fleet. The team led by Michael Bergmann and Nils Heyde supported us in the purchase and equipment of the catamarans with their years of sailing expertise.
Kostas Supermarket Kos, Greece
Kostas Super Market has its shop directly in Kos Marina, the home port of S / C TAMIRO I & II. Kostas Supermarket offers everything for food and drink, which is needed for a sailing trip. The Kostas team delivers all food and drinks directly to the boat.
Manolis Tastes Lipsi, Greece
Manolis is a good reason to consider Lipsi in a trip planning. Manolis is one of the best chefs in the Dodecanese. A dinner starts with a visit of Manolis in the harbor, where he invites the crews to visit his restaurant. Once there, head straight to the kitchen, where Manolis presents its guests with the latest creations of seafood, fish and meat menues. The rest is then simply 'pure enjoyment'.
Nordwest Funk Emden, Germany
Nordwest-Funk is our partner for electronics and safety. With meticulous support from Niko Reisch, we planned and implemented the electronics and Safety equipment of S / C TAMIRO I and S / C TAMIRO II.
Yacht Cafe Inn Kos, Greece
Theo and Lucy are the hosts of the Yacht Cafe in Kos. The cafe (also a bar) is 10 minutes away from Kos Marina. It is a must to start and end a perfect sailing trip at Theo's and Lucy's place.