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Our Story in three paragraphs

The story of AZUL Luxury Cruises and TAMIRO Yachting began in 2015. We launched our yachting business with a Lagoon 450, the most popular catamaran in its class at the time. Joined by its sister yacht, TAMIRO II (Lagoon 450F, 2018), our fleet offered both skippered and bare-boat charter vacations in the Dodecanese, located in the southeastern of Greece.

COVID-19 also influenced our services, leading us to cater to the rising demand for "private hotel service" at sea. In 2020, we introduced "TAMIRO," a 2019 Lagoon 52F, into our fleet. This was followed by the addition of our latest gem, "AZUL," a brand-new Lagoon 55, in 2023.

AZUL Luxury Cruises and TAMIRO Yachting are currently operating in the Ionian Sea, with bases in Lefkas and Corfu. During the winter, we extend our operations to the Canary Islands and the Caribbean.

Meet Our Team


Nationality: Irish

Bio: Ian is born in 1975 in the UK and has graduated from Hospitality, Catering & Culinary-School studies as a chef and attended many seminars in Asian, European cuisine as well as plate decoration and desserts! His love for food made him work from 2009 in various restaurants and hotels in Germany, Taiwan, London and Dubai as head and executive Chef. He believes that food and sea is the perfect combination for anyone who would like to see Greece so he decided to join yachting industry ready to face new challenges and serve his creations with fresh local ingredients. He is a valuable member to the team willing to serve his guests with amazing recipes. This year (2024) Ian serves its second year onboard of SY AZUL! He speaks German & English and he loves the sea, scuba-diving, surfing and kayaking.

Hostess / Sous-Chef SY AZUL

Nationality: Germany

Bio: Melinda was born in Germany and lived in and has worked in many restaurants, gaining extensive experience in hospitality. She joined yachting a few years ago as deckhand and stewardess. After serving on multiple yachts from 39 to 52 feet, she found her way to our team, bringing her passion for delivering excellent services to our guests. She loves Yoga and freediving and speaks German & English.


Nationality: Ukraine

Bio: Yevhen was born in 1984 in the Ukraine. He started his maritime career from an early age and joined yachting as a professional skipper and captain in different sailing catamarans and monohull yachts in 2018. He worked several years in the Ionian, Cyclades and Saronic gulf. Yevhen has sailed more than 20.000 nautical miles. Yachting and seafaring on a professional level are second nature to him as the sea keeps him fascinated and alive. Safety is also a top priority for him, and he always does his utmost best to ensure the guests have an excellent time on board throughout the charter. He speaks English, Ukranian & Russian.

Hostess & Cook SY TAMIRO

Nationality: Greek

Bio: Irene made her way in to yachting in 2010 as a hostess following her passion for travelling and leaving an Economics teacher career behind. She has been on board cruise ships and various sailing and motor yachts ever since obtaining more than 10.000 miles on board. She had a previous sailing experience as a competitive sailing crew prior to professionally engaging herself into yachting. She has also been educating herself continually since 2010 regarding all aspects of yachting focusing on safety, hospitality, maintenance and cooking. She holds a deckhand ticket, a skipper’s license and a personal nutrition coach degree (UOA). She is also a certified personal coach. Irene feels that one’s holiday should be a unique experience and always tries her best to deliver in every guests’ standards. She has a keen eye for detail, is used to multitasking and sets the guests’ needs as her priority. She is always around and always excited to assist. In her free time, she loves calisthenics and rock climbing, and she can offer a training or a yoga session to the guests upon request! She is very loyal, friendly and kind and considered a valuable aspect of our team. She speaks Greek and English fluently.

Owner, Managing Partner

Nationality: Swiss

Bio: Urs is a Swiss citizen, born in Switzerland in 1968. He is a serial entrepreneur in the "fintech" industry, with a deep knowledge in Banking Software. In 2015, he decided to expand his activities into the yachting industry. Urs started offering bare-boat charters, and then expanded its business towards Crewed Yacht Charter in 2023. Urs is a passionate sailor who crossed the Atlantic ocean, and sails more than 6000 nautical miles every year. Beside of sailing, Urs is a PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor, diving in the Canaries and the Greek waters.


Nationality: Germany



Nationality: ___



Nationality: ___


Our Testimonials

  • 22.06.2024 - Guest Information & Preferences app - a Digital innovation

    TAMIRO Yachting and AZUL Luxury Cruises are excited to introduce our new digital 'guest information and preferences' app. This innovative web application allows clients to share important information and preferences with their crew prior to the charter through a convenient digital platform.

  • 18.06.2024 - Special offers

    Check out our latest offers for SY AZUL in August, September, and October! Enjoy up to 35% off on our remaining available weeks in 2024. Don't miss out – find more details in the "Offering" section under "Our Specials."

  • 23.05.2024 - Welcome Irene Epainetou

    The TAMIRO team welcomes Irene Epainetou as the hostess, deck-hand & chef. Irene is Greek, and she is in the yachting industry since 2011. Welcome!

  • 17.05.2024 - Welcome back Ian McClean

    The AZUL team is thrilled to annonce that Ian McClean will serve in our summer-season 2024 as the chef on SY AZUL. Ian worked on 2023 already as the head-chef, and he was preparing exlcusive multi-course meals for our guests. We are very proud to have him back on board!

  • 17.05.2024 - Welcome Melinda Moarref

    We welcome Melinda Moarref to the AZUL and TAMIRO 2024 team. Melinda will serve as Chef/Hostess on SY TAMIRO and AZUL, preparing 5* meals for our exclusive guests. Melinda brings experiences in international hospitality.

  • 17.05.2024 - Welcome Yevhen Bochniuk

    We are happy to announce Yevhen Bochniuk as our new captain on SY TAMIRO. Yevhen is an RYA certified captain. For more than four years he is sailing in the Ionian sea on different catamarans.

  • 16.03.2024 - New Website Release

    TAMIRO Yachting and AZUL Luxury Cruises have released a new version of our corporate website. The website now provides real-time information about availability of the yacht, as well an integration to INSTAGRAM. We also added six new videos.

  • 12.03.2024 - AZUL on it's way to Greece

    After sailing the beautiful Canary Island in winter 2023/2024, AZUL started it's 2500nm long trip back to Greece. We expect her back home early April, just in time for the Napflion Yacht Show.

  • 24.01.2024 - Captain SY AZUL - Alex Olteanu

    After serving as captain on SY TAMIRO in 2023, Alex Oltenau will also welcome our guests as captain, but in 2024 on SY AZUL. Alex brings a lot of experiences in crewed charter and hospitality.

  • 23.01.2024 - NAPFLION Crewed Yacht Show

    SY AZUL and SY TAMIRO will participate on the annual yacht show of Napflion. The show takes place between April 27 and May 1st, 2024. We like to invite all brokers to learn more about our exclusive yacht and our 5* service.

  • 01.01.2024 - Happy New Year

    AZUL & and TAMIRO wishes you a successful 2024, and we are waiting for you to be our guest this summer in Greece.

  • 24.12.2023 - AZUL es VERDE

    AZUL, our flagship Lagoon 55 got equiped with a solar system. 3500 watt electrical power can be produced by the new system. In total 24 flexible Solar panels are feeding 8 MPPT controllers, which charge our Lithium battery bank. At AZUL and TAMIRO, we are constantly improving our system to offer "substainable sailing".

  • 24.12.2023 - Merry Christmas

    The AZUL & and TAMIRO crew wishes you and your family "Merry Christmas" - "Feliz Navidad" - "Frohe Weihnachten" - "καλά Χριστούγεννα" - "Buon Natale".

  • 02.12.2023 - April & May 2024 - up to 25% discount

    We offer for SY TAMIRO a discount of 25% for bookings in April 2024, and 20% for SY AZUL or SY TAMIRO in May 2024. This offer is valid until 31.12.2024. Contact us for details.

  • 16.11.2023 - AZUL in Canaries

    SY AZUL sailed 2500nm from Corfu to the Canary islands. The yacht went from Corfu to Capri, Sardinia, Canet-en-Roussillon, along the spanish coast line to Gibraltar and from there straight to the Canaries.

  • 14.11.2023 - Let's escape

    AZUL sails to the Caribbean and is available for luxury charter in winter 2024/2025. From December until April AZUL will be available for your sail-dine-dive-relax vacation. Our base will be in St. Marteen. Interested to join us in warm weather?

  • 30.10.2023 - We will be in Napflion

    Visit our yacht and our award-winning crew in Napflio. AZUL will attend the 9th Mediterranean Yacht Show in Nafplio, Greece from 27 April - 1st May 2024.

  • 15.10.2023 - Good bye - welcome you in 2024

    The 2023 season has been completed! We finished our first luxury charter season on SCAT AZUL in Corfu on October 1st. SCAT AZUL is now on its way to the Canary Island. AZUL will be back in Greece in April 2024.

Our Amazing Partners

We enrich our service with selected partners to maximize your pleasure.

ISTION Yachting is our Central Booking Agent, and is responsible for the distribution of our offering via the world-wide broker network. ISTION is also our local partner in the Ionian that supports us in preparing and maintaining our yachts.

Phone: +30 21 0981 1515

Email: charter@istion.com

Deep Fin Tenerife is our partner for scuba diving in the Canary Islands. Deep Fin operates from Marina del Sur in Las Galletas, and offers SSI and PADI dive courses. Deep Fin Tenerife and AZUL/TAMIRO are offering overnight dive trips in the Canary Islands.

Phone: +34 650 150 650

Email: info@deepfintenerife.com

ARCA Sailing is our partner for luxury yacht charter in southern Italy. ARCA operates a fleet of Lagoon 55 and a Lagoon 46 sailing catamarans.

Phone: +39 340 1359671

Email: info@arcasailing.com

Alize is a 2018 Lagoon 42 sailing catamaran, operating in the Ionian Sea.

Phone: +30 (697) 422 8881

Email: cloudnet.gr@gmail.com

Catamaran-Bimini (APASWISS AG) is a sister-company of AZUL Luxury Cruises and TAMIRO Yachting. She delivers maintenance and yacht management for our fleet.

Phone: +41 79 341 7707

Email: urs@apaswiss.com


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